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Event management in Italy and Europe.
Sirius 360 is an innovative multimedia system for the projection of 360° images and videos.

The system includes different sized certified geodetic structures, with a diameter ranging from 6 to 21 meters, which can be personalized for any indoor and outdoor event.

The igloo-shaped temporary frame structures can have one or more accesses. Thanks to the PVC lining and a certified ventilation system, these structures can be used for exhibitions, trade fairs, private events, conferences and product launches.

We design our ideas through a 3D rendering and provide multimedia content based upon our clients requests, either by adapting existing material or by producing new ones, for a 360°immersive video.
Check out our YouTube gallery and learn more about the innovative Sirius 360 degrees system.

3D Animation, architecture and design renderings, social media events, immersive videogames, conference systems and much more, download here the brochure of our services for your 360 degrees event.


Download her the brochure of Sirius 360

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